In an effort to encourage growth in membership, the International Automotive Remarketer Alliance’s (IARA) membership committee collected video testimonials from IARA members at the most recent Conference of Automotive Remarketing (CAR).



The membership committee co-chairs include Tom Francois of Badger State Auto Auction, Kim Hunt of Manheim, and the newest addition, Chris Clarke of ARI.

At CAR, about 15 IARA members were interviewed to discuss the benefits that they’ve gained from their IARA membership.

The goal with these testimonial videos is to gain a resource that can be emailed to potential members, posted on IARA’s website and to various social platforms.

The video is nearing completion, and once it’s finalized, it will be ready for distribution through IARA’s various platforms.

In terms of membership, IARA now has 210 members, which is an increase from the previous quarter.

“It would be important to note that all members are encouraged to discuss IARA with consignors, service providers, and auctions that are not currently members. Any prospects should be funneled through the Membership Committee, to ensure the potential new member receives a phone call,” stated Kim Hunt, membership committee co-chair.

Chris Clarke of ARI Joins Hunt and Tom Francois as a co-chair of the membership committee.