<p><em>Chart courtesy of Black Book.</em></p>

This week marked the fourth week of consecutive wholesale value growth within the car segment, according to Black Book’s April 16 Market Insights report.

Overall car segment value increased 0.15% last week, compared to a rise of 0.24% the week before. The main contributing segments to this rise were subcompact cars, compact cars, mid-size cars, and sporty cars. Respectively, these segments saw their values rise by 0.25%, 0.34%, 0.60%, and 0.30%.

As has been the case in recent weeks, the only car segments to not see growth were luxury vehicles.

Overall, truck segment values decreased 0.16%. Most truck segments saw relatively low depreciation, the one exception was full-size crossovers/SUVs, which depreciated by 0.70%. Subcompact crossovers, compact crossovers/SUVs, and full-size vans saw their week-over-week wholesale value rise by 0.17%, 0.06%, and 0.04%, respectively.

“Continued euphoria seen in the auction lanes as high sales percentages persist. Consignors of sedans, particularly rental car companies, have done well in this spring season,” said Anil Goyal, executive vice president, operations for Black Book.