<p><em>Courtesy of Black Book.</em></p>

Overall car segment values were up last week, as the value of compact and mid-size cars continues to hold strong, marking the third week of consecutive growth for cars, according to Black Book’s April 9 Market Insights report.

Overall, car segment values increased 0.24% last week, compared to a growth of 0.23% the week before. Compact, mid-size, and sporty cars experienced the highest price growth at 0.67%, 0.52%, and 0.35%, respectively.

The only car segments to not experience week-over-week growth in value were luxury vehicles.

Overall truck segment values continued to hold strong as well, depreciating 0.12% last week, compared to 0.20% the week before.

Within the truck segment, subcompact crossovers and compact vans were the strongest performers, experiencing 0.26% and 0.48% respective week-to-week growth. Across the line, all luxury truck segments experienced declines in wholesale value.