Photo courtesy of Lincoln.

Photo courtesy of Lincoln.

Lincoln is expanding its luxury subscription pilot service in West Los Angeles by bolstering the services’ inventory with a slate of used 2017 Lincoln vehicles, according to a company announcement.

An earlier version of this pilot program was launched in 2015 in West Los Angeles and San Francisco but offered fewer vehicle choices and older inventory. This newly launched expansion brings newer used luxury vehicles to the platform

The platform this service is offered through is Ford’s Canvas platform. Through Canvas, people subscribe to a vehicle on a monthly basis. Packages are determined by length, and the service offers service durations as short as one month or as long as a year.

Anytime during the chosen duration, a customer can choose to upgrade to a more luxurious vehicle, or downgrade to a more affordable vehicle. The minimum duration for a vehicle is one month, however. Various mileage options are also offered, ranging from 500 miles a month to an unlimited amount of miles per month.  

People who subscribe to Lincoln vehicles through this service will have mileage, insurance, warranty, maintenance, and roadside assurance included in their monthly payment. Lincoln subscribers will also receive the “Pickup & Delivery” feature, which will have someone pick up a customer’s vehicle to service it and provide a loaner for the duration.

This service is being expanded in a time when used luxury vehicles are performing poorly at auction. Wholesale luxury prices have seen steady declines in recent years, and off-lease supply of luxury vehicles have been growing, further saturating the market.

Offering luxury used vehicles through a service such as this, may be an alternative avenue for the rising supply of late-model luxury vehicle returning to market.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet