Manheim has launched an intelligent search for wholesale inventory on its OVE platform that will reduce search time and provide more accurate and personalized results, according to the company.

The intelligent search uses machine learning in order to learn client behaviors and preferences over time. As the system learns more about a specific user, results that it provides will appear in an order that is more relevant to that user.

As the intelligent search evolves, it’ll begin to take in client bids and purchase history into account, in order to provide even more relevant inventory recommendations.

OVE is a digital channel within the Manheim Marketplace that provides a daily inventory of over 100,000 vehicles. It also provides Manheim’s Market Report pricing, condition reports, post-sale inspections, and other assurance products.

The platform serves 66,000 active users and sees roughly 900,000 monthly visits. On an annual basis, approximately 500,000 transactions are handled through the platform.