Courtesy of Manheim.

Courtesy of Manheim.

Manheim is launching Manheim Express, a mobile app for dealers that gives dealers a self-service method of listing and selling inventory through the Manheim marketplace, according to a company announcement.

The app will feature an integrated first bid system, which will place a minimum floor price for a vehicle, based on Manheim’s Market Report (MMR). If a vehicle does not sell for at least that minimum floor price after two business days in the Manheim Marketplace, Manheim will buy the vehicle at that minimum price.

In addition, Manheim Express will feature the ability to scan a vehicle VIN and receive the vehicle’s value from MMR, AutoCheck Snapshot vehicle history report data, and manufacturer build data.  Manheim is also partnering with computer vision company Fyusion to enable dealers to walk cars and create immersive, interactive 3D images of the vehicles, according to the company.

Dealers will also be able to order a condition report for a vehicle directly through the app. An inspector will then arrive at the dealer’s lot within 72 hours.

Lastly, if a dealer chooses to not sell the vehicle through a Manheim Digital Marketplace, her or she could choose to send their inventory to a Manheim operating location of their choice via Manheim Express.