Courtesy of Carvana.

Courtesy of Carvana.

Carvana has announced Carvana Curbside, a new way for its customers to obtain a used vehicle. The first official location of this new offering is in Birmingham, Ala.

Previously, Carvana offerred customers two methods to obtain their vehicle, picking up their vehicle at one of its car vending machines or having the vehicle delivered to them if they lived near one of the cities that the company offered shipping to.

Through Carvana Curbside, Carvana offers a third option that the company promises will take only a few minutes. The concept is fairly straight forward: a customer arrives at a Carvana Curbside, is given a personalized key card that activates doors to a room containing his or her vehicle, the customer enters the room, then the car, and and drives off in his or her new car.

An early iteration of this concept was tested in Atlanta. The benefit of this style of pickup location is the convenience for the customer, while maintaining a small real estate footprint that minimizes overhead costs for Carvana, according to the company.  

The Birmingham, Ala. location is not limited to only customers in the city, out of sate customers can also reserve and pickup their vehicles at the Carvana Curbside storefront.