The IARA Standards Committee is currently discussing the importance of the new safety standards that the National Auto Auction Association is working on and how it correlates with the IARA.

“As an industry we need to make sure that all auctions and the auction customers are aware of the new standards in addition to being made aware of everyone’s role in maintaining a safe environment at the auction. The more knowledge and information we supply to the industry, the better the overall process will be,” said Doug Turner, committee co-chair.

Along with the discussions that the committee is holding on the new NAAA safety standards, the committee is also in the process of updating the IARA by laws.

The Standards Committee will be holding its next meeting at IARA Roundtable at Caesars Palace Las Vegas on March 5.

Both Turner and fellow co-chair Matt Arias, director operational excellence & arbitration at Cox Automotive, note that they are seeking volunteers to serve within the committee.