SPOT LLC announced the launch of the new SPOT Trace - an anti-theft asset tracking device. SPOT Trace ensures vehicles and equipment are where they need to be, notifying owners via e-mail or text when movement is detected anytime, anywhere.

SPOT's growing family of products uses 100-percent satellite technology to provide location-based messaging and emergency notification for on- or off-the-grid communications.

SPOT Trace users can view their vehicle's GPS coordinates online 24 hours a day in near real-time through Google Maps. With multiple mounting options, SPOT Trace is small and durable enough to be placed practically anywhere, according to the manufacturer. With up to 18 months of battery life, affordable rate plans and satellite coverage that goes beyond the reach of cellular coverage, there is no comparable product on the market to track anything, anytime, anywhere. Some other SPOT Trace features include:

  • Tracking. View your asset's GPS coordinates from your smartphone or online.
  • Movement Alerts. Receive texts/e-mails when SPOT's vibration sensor detects your asset has new movement.
  • Dock Mode. Configure your device to track an asset that is primarily stored on the water.
  • Power Off Message. Receive a notification if your device is powered off.
  • Low Battery Message. Receive a notification when the device's batteries are low.
  • Status Message. Receive a once per day alert to let you know your asset is secure.

SPOT Trace also features customizable tracking, which allows users to track an asset's GPS coordinates at 2 1/2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 minute intervals. The units will sell starting at $99.95, with service plans from $99.99/year.