Remarketing software provider Liquid Motors will begin integrating vehicle condition reports and inspections into its products under a new partnership with WeGoLook, the company announced.

The partnership will allow Liquid Motors customers — including individual consumers, auto dealerships, wholesalers, independent auctions, and more — to order verified, third-party condition reports. The data and images captured by WeGoLook will then be leveraged within Liquid Motors' platform to remarket vehicles through any of Liquid Motors' connected sites.

Through the technical integration, customers will be able to connect a Liquid Motors account with an associated WeGoLook account to facilitate ordering and delivery of inspections and condition reports. When an order for a condition report is placed through the Liquid Motors platform, WeGoLook will dispatch one of its more than 30,000 independent contractors (called "Lookers") to visit the vehicle onsite and capture the needed imagery and information via a mobile app.

This captured data will be transmitted back to the Liquid Motors platform, combined with vehicle data, and listed on supported websites for auction or other sale.

The companies are working through the final phases of integration and expect to launch their integrated solution by April 1.