Manheim Puerto Rico hosted its first post-hurricane sale on Oct. 12 — 200 vehicles were offered for sale, the auction announced. Of those, 70 sold and an additional 30 vehicles are pending sale.

The island saw heavy infrastructure damage as a result of Hurricane Maria. During the post-hurricane relief effort, Manheim has airlifted 10,000 pounds of water, two filtration systems, generators, diesel fuel to power them, batteries, tarps, and 480 meal ready-to-eat rations.

Manheim restarted operations at its Puerto Rico location because of the need to replace residents’ flood-damaged vehicles and to bring a sense of normalcy back into their lives, according to a release.

Manheim’s non-profit Cox Employee Relief Fund has also delivered checks to employees affected by the storm, according to the company.

Before the storm made landfall, Cox Automotive put infrastructure and teams in place to provide recovery supplies for its 30 employees at its Puerto Rico location. After the storm passed, its first priority was to confirm the safety of these employees, Manheim noted. It reported no employee casualties.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet