Courtesy of Black Book.

Courtesy of Black Book. 

Although bidding activity has begun to slow down after weeks of increased lane activity after the recent hurricanes, overall segment depreciation remains at steady levels, according to Black Book’s Oct. 9 Market Insights report.

Within the car segment, subcompact and luxury cars emerged as the top performers last week. And, within the truck segment, subcompact crossovers and full-size vans claimed that same title.

“Small and mid-size cars are continuing to do well, even as the buying frenzy after the hurricanes has slowed down,” said Anil Goyal, senior vice president of automotive valuation and analytics.

Last week the average wholesale value of the subcompact car segment decreased by 0.17% while luxury cars saw values decline by 0.19%. The biggest decline came from the near-luxury segment, which experienced a week-to-week decline of 0.71% in average wholesale value, according to Black Book.  

During the same time frame, subcompact crossovers and full-size vans saw average wholesale values increase by 0.03% and 0.02%, respectively. The worst-performing vehicle segment during the week was the compact van segment, with saw its value decline 0.90% from the week before.

Overall, volume-weighted, car segment values declined 0.40% last week, compared to 0.38% the week before. Overall, truck segment values declined by 0.28%, compared to 0.17% the previous week.