Courtesy of Carvana.

Courtesy of Carvana. 

Carvana has opened up its newest car vending machine in Jacksonville, Fla., marking the fifth vending machine the company has opened this year, according to a company announcement.

The rest of the company’s vending machines are located in Houston; Austin, Texas; San Antonio; Dallas; Nashville, Tenn.; and Raleigh, N.C.

The opening of this vending machine follows an aggressive expansion strategy that the company has had this year. Just this past month, the company announced that it would begin offering next-day vehicle delivery to the Los Angeles market, marking the 37th market that it had expanded that offering to.

So far this year, the company has expanded its next-day delivery service to 16 markets. That means that half of the markets the 5-year-old company operates and offers next-day shipping to were entered just this year.   

The car vending machine will stand at eight stories tall and hold 30 used cars. It will serve as a physical location that customers can visit in order to pick up the used vehicles they purchased online.  

In a quarterly earnings call earlier this year, the company noted that it planned to expand its services to six or seven more markets by the year’s end. Since that earnings call in August, the company has expanded its next-day vehicle delivery into five markets.

This means that there is still one or two more markets that the company expects to expand into before year’s end, if it follows its previously mentioned plan.