Courtesy of Black Book.

Courtesy of Black Book. 

Depreciation slowed down for both cars and trucks last week, according to Black Book’s Sept. 4 Market Insights report.

Overall volume-weighted car segment values declined by 0.36% last week, compared to 0.57% the week before. The average wholesale value for vehicles in the truck segment declined by 0.25% last week, compared to 0.28% the week before.

Within the car segment, sporty cars suffered the biggest drop in average wholesale value, declining 0.81% last week.

“In car segments, sporty and full-size car segments showed the poorest weekly retention rates, decreasing by 0.81% and 0.6%, respectively. These two, accompanied by compact cars, were the only segments to receive steeper depreciation rates compared to the prior week,” stated the weekly report.

Near luxury cars experienced the lowest depreciation rate at 0.16%.

Subcompact crossovers posted the highest depreciation rate among all trucks at 0.65%, according to Black Book’s weekly report. This was a reversal from the previous weekly insights report when subcompact crossovers posted some of the smallest depreciation rates among all trucks.

The compact van segment continued its three-week streak of low depreciation rates with wholesale values remaining unchanged from the previous week.

Originally posted on Auto Rental News