Courtesy of IAA.

Courtesy of IAA. 

Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. (IAA) has added new facilities in six states, including two states — Minnesota and Utah — where the company had no previous operations.

The six new facilities include IAA Indianapolis; IAA Salt Lake City; IAA Kansas City in Kansas; IAA Minneapolis/St. Paul in Minnesota; IAA Fredericksburg-South in Virginia; and IAA Dothan in Alabama, according to the salvage auto auction company.

The expansions also provide additional space for supplemental storage to meet the anticipated needs of the company's seller customers.

"We partner very closely with our customers, and our proactive expansion strategy ensures we are continuously anticipating and addressing their inventory needs," said John Kett, CEO and president of IAA.

These facilities now cover more than 200 acres of land, an increase of over 30% from previous acreage, according to IAA.