Chart courtesy of Black Book.

Chart courtesy of Black Book. 

The subcompact luxury crossover segment saw the highest depreciation among all segments last week, representing a reversal from its performance over the last several weeks, according to Black Book’s July 24 Market Insights report.

Overall, both the car and truck segment saw relatively steady depreciation, given the market’s typical performance during this time of year, the firm added.

“Used vehicle values holding well considering it is middle of July when we normally start to see a steeper seasonal drop,” said Anil Goyal, senior vice president of automotive valuation and analytics.

Overall car segment values decreased by 0.34% last week, according to Black Book. For the truck segment, overall values decreased by 0.30%.

Full-size pickups were the best performing vehicles in the truck segment, rising 0.08% in value from the previous week. In the car segment, subcompact and mid-size cars tied for the highest depreciation for the week at 0.53%, while sporty cars saw the lowest week-to-week depreciation at 0.03%.