Courtesy of Carvana.

Courtesy of Carvana. 

Carvana has expanded its next-day delivery service to Louisville, Ky., as its first service in the state, according to Carvana announcement.  

Residents of Louisville that use Carvana's online car-buying service will now have the option to schedule home delivery of their purchase for as soon as the next day. Or, they could opt to visit one of Carvana’s coin-operated car vending machine — with the closest being in Dallas.

Customers who choose this route will receive $200 for their airfare as part of Carvana’s “Fly and Drive” program.

Most recently, Carvana expanded its next-day delivery service to Oklahoma City in June. In total, Carvana’s presence reaches 31 markets in 15 states, according to Ernie Garcia, founder and CEO of Carvana.

Last month, the company announced that its gross profit had grown by 146% to $9.7 million during the first quarter of 2017. This rise in gross profit was fueled by more-than-double the amount of units sold compared to the previous year and a rise in the amount of profit yielded per unit.

Going forward, the company expects to expand its service to roughly seven or eight more markets. The company also expects gross profits and unit sales to grow going into the next quarter.