The average monthly payment for a leased vehicle came in at $340.37 in June, a slight reduction from last month’s average of $352.80, according to online lease deal marketplace

This month, the website saw lower-priced lease deals accross various segments. Of the 60 vehicles that the website tracks, 15 offered monthly payments of $199 or less, and three cars offered monthly payments under $150.

“With monthly vehicle sales struggling a bit to maintain momentum of the last few years, we’re seeing a continuation of aggressive lease pricing on many of today’s more popular cars and trucks,” said Scot Hall, executive vice president of “Yesterday’s lease deals were largely confined to luxury makes and models, but today we’re seeing low prices on a wider variety of cars and trucks, including utility vehicles.”

The Chevrolet Cab LT saw the largest single-month drop in payment, according to the website. The monthly payment of $289 was a 16.8% month-over-month reduction. Another Chevrolet vehicle, the Equinox 2WD LS also saw a substantial drop in monthly payment price — the $199 average monthly payment in June was a 15.3% fall from the previous month.

The Equinox, however, wasn’t the only vehicle in the popular small SUV segment to reach the sub-$200 monthly payment threshold. Two other small SUVs, including the Honda CR-V LX 2 2WD, and the Nissan Rogue S FWD also saw monthly payments reach $199 in June.

In the luxury segment, some of the lowest-priced monthly payments belonged to the Audi A3 2.0T FWD Premium, the Lexus IS 200t, and the Acura ILX at $299, $319, and $199 a month, respectively.