Honda has released a newly redesigned certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle website meant to provide an easier and more focused experience for its CPO segment, which has grown by 6.8% this year, according to a company statement.

The new site makes inventory the focal point, according to the company. The redesigned site also introduces a new inventory alert feature that will allow users to set an alert for a specific vehicle, and then inform them whenever that vehicle is available.  

Other features new to the site include tools to allow users to compare similar and different vehicles to each other in order to find the vehicle that will best suit their needs, and social media integration.

“Driven by a great deal of research and customer feedback, Honda’s new destination for certified pre-owned vehicles brings inventory front and center,” said Dan Rodriguez, manager of auto remarketing, certified pre-owned at American Honda. “With the booming growth in our certified pre-owned sales, we’ve engineered our new Honda site to make comparisons simple.”