Courtesy of Manheim.

Courtesy of Manheim. 

More than 100 auctioneers will compete in Manheim Pennsylvania Auto Auction's 2017 World Automobile Auctioneers Championship (WAAC) on May 12 during a one-day event to determine the best auctioneer, ringperson, and two-person team for $12,500 in prize money, the company announced.

“It is fitting to hold this competition at Manheim Pennsylvania, where modern-day auto auctions began in the U.S.,” said Paul C. Behr, president of the WAAC. “We appreciate Manheim making this event possible, and for the industry leader’s commitment to auto auction professionals.”

Four of the auction’s 35 lanes will be allocated for the competition. Contestants will be judged on their presentation, chant, voice quality, salesmanship, ability to interact and communicate with bidders and buyers, and other performance elements of effective auctioneering.

On the same day of the championships, Manheim Pennsylvania will also conduct its regular weekly sale with nearly 8,000 vehicles running through the remaining 31 lanes.

President of Cox Automotive financial solutions group, Shane O’Dell, Grace Huang, senior vice president of Manheim inventory services, and Gerry Hinton, president of the National Auto Auction Association (NAAA) will be in attendance.