ServNet will form a Client Advisory Board of 10 to 12 executives from key commercial accounts and institutional consignors who will assist in identifying, implementing and refining best practices for auctions, according to the company.

"The formation of a Client Advisory Board is an exciting new element in ServNet's ongoing efforts to build relationships, enhance communications and streamline auction processes for our customers," said Kevin Brown, ServNet's president.

In developing the Client Advisory Board, ServNet’s board of directors studies how other companies organized their Client Advisory Boards. What they learned was that limiting the size of their Client Advisory Board to a small group would yield the best results.

The company's current vice president and treasurer, Eric Autenrieth, played a large role in implementing the Client Advisory Board, said Brown. Later this fall, Autenrieth will assume the post of president of ServNet's board of directors, Brown added.

“Of primary importance to ServNet auctions are the logistics involved in storing, transporting, and cleaning 3,000-pound pieces of metal, all the while exposing them to the broadest market in order to increase resale values for our consignors," said Autenrieth. "We believe the Client Advisory Board will help all the ServNet auctions make that process even more efficient and successful."