Manheim is on track to complete a five-year, $17 million investment that will bring enhancements to Manheim California, Manheim Riverside, Manheim San Diego, and Manheim Southern California locations, the company has announced.

The company hopes to complete the slated enhancements by 2018. Combined, these locations register more than 577,000 vehicles per year.

At the Manheim Southern California location, enhancements that have already been implemented include charging stations for electric vehicles and Xeriscaping to save water. Planned investments include a new Manheim Retail Advantage reconditioning facility with 14 lifts, and a remodeled building to provide an indoor sale environment for heavy truck, boat, RV and salvage specialty units, according to the company.

At Manheim Riverside, Enhanced Vehicle Imaging booths have been added to more efficiently process images for wholesale and vehicle remarketing. Xeriscaping to conserve water has also been installed. Manheim San Diego recently renovated its front office and Dealer Services center and upgraded equipment in the mechanic and reconditioning shops.

Manheim California, which is located in Anaheim, recently installed a digital hub with supplemental technology to help clients expedite their business. The auction also added a new inspection canopy to improve the condition report writing process.

“Manheim offers lots of options and flexibility to its clients conducting wholesale transactions in Southern California,” said Chad Ruffin, general manager of Manheim Southern California. “Our four Manheim sites, located within 100 miles of each other, are all designed to drive enhanced profitability for our clients.”