Photo of 2017 Mirage courtesy of Mitsubishi.

Photo of 2017 Mirage courtesy of Mitsubishi.

The Mitsubishi Mirage topped a list of the most affordable cars for retail leasing under a methodology that relies heavily on depreciation as a driver of total leasing costs.

Under the study, ranked 100 vehicles using monthly depreciation, auto insurance and fuel costs. The study used publicaly available data and an insurance pricing engine.∃ It based the ranking on a 25-year-old female driver in a city setting with no traffic offenses, a 36-month retail lease, depreciation equal to trade-in value minus MSRP from three years ago at 15,000 miles per year, and fuel economy from

The Mirage would cost $219 per month under this scenario. Monthly depreciation was set at $105.

After the Mirage, other cars on the list include the Subaru Outback ($234, $107 in depreciation), Nissan Versa ($307, $176), Subaru Impreza ($312, $187), Jeep Cherokee ($317, $164), Kia Soul ($334, $192), Hyundai Accent ($337, $208), Kia Rio ($342, $209), Toyota Corolla ($334, $214), and Mazda Mazda3 ($354, $226).

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet