Dealers Chime in on enhancements to and Manheim mobile app from Manheim PR on Vimeo.

Manheim has released a set of updates for its website and mobile application meant to improve efficiency at auction. 

The enhancements to and the Manheim Mobile App allows clients to simultaneously manage their business across multiple Manheim locations, access services on-demand and on-the go, spend less time in line and reduce the amount of paperwork involved, according to Manheim.

“With these new capabilities on and our mobile app, our clients will have more control to do business how they want, when they want and where they want to get back to their core business faster,” said Grace Huang, senior vice president Inventory Services, Manheim.

Users of both the app and website will now also have access to an expanded array of payment options, like ACH and floorplanning. Clients will also be able to build customized reports to gain greater insight into their transactions, according to the company.

Additionally, users will be able to arrange for gate pass pick-up; order transportation, assurance products and Post Sale Inspections; and receive real-time updates on account status, titles, inspections, and arbitrations.

“In the past, after making a purchase, I would have to go wait in line to pay for the vehicle and arrange transportation. Now, I can do it on my mobile phone,” said Oscar Mendez, a dealer at GS Auto Sales in New Orleans. “Not having the app before, I did not realize exactly how much time I would save. Now I am actually getting out of the auction at least an hour earlier.”

Some of the Manheim locations which have already received the enhancements include Manheim New Orleans, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Tampa, Mississippi, Lafayette, Pensacola and St. Petersburg. Simulcast and all other Manheim locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico will receive the enhancements by the end of 2017, according to the company.

In order to access these new enhancements when they become available to different locations, Manheim clients will need to update personal preferences and notification options on