Manheim Cincinnati is adding four lanes and has created a new sales schedule to improve dealer efficiency.

Photo courtesy of Manheim.

Photo courtesy of Manheim.

The auction has converted its lanes numbered 3-6 into four double blocked lanes and made additional sale day changes. The additions will allow capacity for an additional 700 vehicles per week, according to Manheim.

The new lanes will be open during the auctions first sale of the year on Jan. 5.

“With growing volume, sale day is running longer these days. To get more vehicles through, provide better lane placement, and shorten the time our clients spend away from customers, we are expanding lane capacity,” said Manheim Cincinnati General Manager Anita Jamison. “We are making these changes to help clients achieve greater efficiency.” 

The location will host an event called Lanes as Good as Gold on Jan. 19 to commemorate the changes. The team expects at least 1,500 vehicles to pass through that day, and will be giving away apparel, prizes, and food.