Photo courtesy of Black Book.

Photo courtesy of Black Book.

Car and truck segments both had the smallest weekly rate of depreciation since the summer, with truck values decreasing by 0.3% and cars depreciating by 0.42%.

Full-size crossover/SUV and pickup segments were among two of the smallest depreciating truck segments and both also had their lowest weekly declines since summer, according to Black Book's Jan. 4 Market Insights report.

“Weekly depreciation rates are at their lowest since the summer months and with peak tax-season around the corner, buying and holding may be a rewarding option for some.” Anil Goyal, senior vice president of automotive valuation and analytics.

While trucks retained their values better than car segments during the last week of 2016, compact vans in the truck segment still faced the heaviest depreciation, dropping by 1.43%. Sub-compact crossovers managed to keep their values flat, mirroring the week prior.

For cars, the sporty car segment declined the most, dropping by 0.73%. The prestige luxury segment had its smallest weekly decline since summer.