Chart courtesy of Black Book.

Chart courtesy of Black Book.

While truck segments retained their values better than cars overall, subcompact vehicle values in both car and truck categories showed steeper declines compared to all other vehicles.

Subcompact crossovers depreciated by 1.53%, the heaviest decline compared to all segments in both the car and truck categories, according to Black Book's Dec. 20 Market Insights report. Following sub-compact crossovers, the sub-compact car depreciated the most for all car segments by 1.04%.

Volume weighted, overall car segment values decreased by 0.74% last week, higher than the depreciation rate of 0.61% seen in the previous four weeks. Following sub-compact cars, sporty car and full-size car segments declined the most by 1.02% and 0.93% respectively. Meanwhile, overall truck segment values decreased by 0.53% last week, similar to the depreciation rate of 0.57% seen in the previous four weeks. After sub-compact crossovers, minivan and small pickup segments declined the most by 0.77% and 0.69% respectively.

“Sales rates in auctions are reported as stable in most areas, but overall, values are still depreciating at a fairly normal pace,” said Anil Goyal, SVP, automotive valuation and analytics.