Photo courtesy of Manheim.

Photo courtesy of Manheim.

Manheim’s Mobile Auction program has generated the highest sale rates among Manheim channels, and Manheim clients are now averaging 70% sale rates using the platform,  according to Manheim.

The mobile auction utilizes a fleet of mobile trucks, buses, and auction-in-a-box portable technology units.

“Mobile auctions extend the reach and bring the excitement of the live, wholesale auction experience anywhere there is demand,” said Grace Huang, Manheim's senior vice president of inventory services. “With technology and our state-of-the-art mobile fleet, we are truly able to shape local sales experiences tailored to the seller’s needs at anytime and anywhere and the buyers are responding.”

Mobile sales have been conducted at dealerships and buy here pay here lots, as well as at conference centers, warehouses, and other locations. The service has led to a 20% increase year-over-year on dealer volume, according to Manheim.

Manheim’s mobile strategy was initially developed to offer independent and small franchise dealers in underserved markets easier, more convenient ways to buy and sell vehicles. However, as the expected surge of off-lease vehicles comes to market, commercial consignors are using mobile sales to manage volume, according to the company.

The service also grants dealers access to other business efficiencies offered at a traditional Manheim sale, such as Simulcast, auctioneer-led live bidding, dealer, and vehicle registration and floor planning.

Manheim conducts more than 60 sales each month at some mobile auction locations across 20 states. A typical mobile sale involves an average of 150 cars and includes vehicles ranging from $100 to $100,000, according to the Manheim.