Several Manheim Auctions were honored during the 18th annual Chase Cup for Auction Excellence Awards by Chase Auto Finance for their performance in several different categories related to vehicle remarketing.

Manheim Phoenix, Manheim Pennsylvania, Manheim Minneapolis, Manheim Orlando, Manheim Seattle, and Manheim Atlanta were the six Manheim locations honored, according to Manheim.

Manheim locations in Phoenix, Pennsylvania, Minneapolis, and Orlando were awarded for the best regional performance in their respective regions. Manheim Phoenix was also honored for best national auction performance.

In categories related to the sale of specific brands, Manheim Seattle was awarded for best national Mazda and Subaru sales. Meanwhile, Manheim Atlanta was honored for best national Jaguar sales and Manheim Pennsylvania was honored for best national Land Rover sales.

Chase Auto Finance handed out awards based on a performance review of 30 of the nation’s best auto auctions in areas such as retention, operational efficiency, expense control, accuracy, sales, and service delivery, according to Manheim.

The honorees were announced during the 2016 National Auto Auction Association convention in Las Vegas.