Graphic courtesy of Manheim

Graphic courtesy of Manheim

Manheim is finalizing a $4.6 million, three-year investment plan to improve three of its Chicago-area locations: Manheim Chicago, Manheim Arena Illinois, and Manheim Milwaukee.

Some of the region’s improvements have included Manheim Chicago opening a new facility and hiring 50 team members to pilot Manheim Retail Advantage, which provides dealers with access to services that produce retail-ready vehicles, as well as growing lane capacity from 14 to 23.

Manheim Milwaukee and Manheim Arena Illinois recently invested in new arena floors, and Manheim Arena Illinois recently upgraded to LED lights under its canopy to provide enhance visibility of the vehicles staged to go on the block.

Future improvements include Manheim Chicago expanding its paved footprint, and Manheim Milwaukee developing a four-acre property to provide additional sale-day parking.

Additionally, as part of Manheim North America’s $300 million investment into its auction network, Manheim Milwaukee will be remodeled in 2017.

The three facilities collectively offer 47 lanes that run approximately 10,000 vehicles per week, according to Manheim.