Manheim has nearly tripled the number of auctions offering Enhanced Vehicle Imaging (EVI), expanding from 25 to 74 locations throughout North America, the company announced this week.

As Manheim describes it, EVI provides a consistent set of quality high-resolution images that showcase vehicles in an optimal way. The images, the company noted, help online buyers purchase vehicles with more confidence, which ultimately leads to a higher conversion rate for sellers.

“The Enhanced Vehicle Imaging service we use from Manheim Milwaukee has proven to be a big boost to our bottom-line and grown our online attendance,” said Jeff Ricchio, remarketing manager at Napleton Automotive Group. “And we love the positive feedback we get from buyers about the photos.”

According to Manheim, the equipment used to take photos for its EVI service produce photos that are much higher quality than photos taken with traditional equipment. Data from Manheim shows that Simulcast listings with EVI images convert 16% better than two or three low-resolution photos and 50% better than not having any photos. Dealers using EVI also sell 27% more vehicles online than those who use two or three low-resolution images, according to Manheim.

The firm said the addition of EVI helps consignors move vehicle inventory more efficiently as well, allowing them to reach up to 80% more online buyers with increased bids per sale.

“Professionally taken, post recon glamour shots allow display of picture-perfect vehicles,” said Grace Huang, senior vice president of inventory services for Manheim. “I think of it like online dating, where the best-looking people, in the most flattering photos, generate more positive reactions.”

Editor's note: This story originally appeared on F&I Showroom, which is a Bobit Business Media publication.