World Data Corp. has introduced its DATASYNC Application Programming Interface (API) data delivery system. The new tool allows companies to integrate World Data information into new or existing applications so it can be seamlessly presented to users, according to the company.

World Data Corp. the world's leading producer of motor vehicle registration procedural information for auto dealers, auto auctions, state agencies, fleet companies and other issuing entities,

DATASYNC provides access to information similar to that included in the Motor Vehicle Registration Manuals Volumes I, II, and III, the go-to source for questions regarding procedures and fees for states and provinces. Customers using the DATASYNC API have the power to choose this data as well as other state-specific vehicle related information. As always, the information provided by World Data Corp. is the most accurate and current vehicle related data available.

"This new product assists users in their constant search for information," said Richard Galbraith, World Data Corp. president. "Companies need accurate, current data that they can easily access. The DATASYNC API allows users to retrieve information quickly, increasing their efficiency and productivity on a daily basis."

The new data delivery tool will be available to businesses across a wide range of industries. Sectors of the economy that are driven by access to time-sensitive, relevant data will benefit from the unique delivery system provided by the DATASYNC API.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet