XLerate Group has had nearly 800 employees and management members complete NAAA’s Auction Safety Certification and Lane Safety Training initiatives since April.

This represents over 30% of total industry participation to date, according to the company.

“The NAAA’s ‘Safe T. Sam’ campaign offers our industry a proactive training tool,” said Cam Hitchcock XLerate CEO.  “Educating ourselves is the first and most important step in preventing injuries and overall workplace safety.  I am proud that our auctions have proven they believe the well-being of our clients and customers is a top priority.”

 XLerate is a group of dealer-centric automotive auctions with physical and satellite sale operations in California, Texas, Florida, South Carolina, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

"I came away with a new appreciation for safety in the auction for associates and customers,” said Robert Sullivan, vice president of operations and best practices for XLerate. “Everyone is concerned about the costs for a safety program; however, it is the uninsured costs that can hurt business in terms of loss of reputation, legal fees, loss of contracts, extra wages for overtime and temporary help, and OSHA fines that are many times greater than the insured costs.”