Black Book announced it has forged another distribution agreement with a marketing agency. This time, the vehicle valuation firm has teamed with Outkazt Media, which will leverage Black Book’s Bullseye Prospecting solution in dealer marketing campaigns.

Bullseye Prospecting leverages data provided by Black Book to help marketing agencies develop more efficient customer outreach campaigns for auto dealer clients. The platform's all-inclusive format eliminates the need for marketing agencies to rely on multiple vendor partners in order to create an effective customer campaign.

According to Black Book officials, Bullseye Prospecting offers economies of scale with data imported from DMS, including consumers and incentive information, and from vehicle equity and valuation sources. The program also utilizes partnerships with photo and printer vendors for direct marketing collateral. During initial tests, according to Black Book officials, Bullseye Prospecting was found to deliver a 30% reduction in cost per car sold.

"Outkazt Media is focused on the use of highly accurate and effective data in order to help its auto dealer clients achieve customer satisfaction and financial goals," said Russell Gentry, CEO of Outkazt Media. "In addition to world-class data solutions, Outkazt will leverage Bullseye Prospecting in order to build more efficiencies and streamlined strategies into the campaign creation process, maximizing profit even further."

Jared Kalfus, senior vice president at Black Book, added: "Bullseye Prospecting is the industry's first and only platform that combines the power of multiple platform elements along with the most accurate data available in order to create profitable dealer campaigns. This resource is a game-changer for marketing agencies, helping to pinch every ounce of profit out of customer campaign executions. We are very pleased that OutKazt Media has partnered with us as they’ve collaborated throughout the development of our platform process."