VinSolutions announced today that its VinLens behavior tracking technology now integrates with websites. VinLens tracks critical customer activities online and ties that data directly to customer records.

This new integration with will allow customers of VinSolutions and to generate more value from their website — by delivering the exceptional customer experience specializes in while gathering the deep customer insights VinSolutions products provide.

VinLens tracks both known and anonymous customer activity on the website, dealers can then continually evolve their understanding of known customers' vehicle needs and preferences, as well as begin new relationships with customers with the advantage of historical website activity — all automatically displayed in VinSolutions' Connect CRM.

Other newly announced additions to VinSolutions' dealer services are enhancements to its data mining tool, Target Pro, which helps dealers create compelling campaigns based on smart segmentation of their CRM and service databases, and all-new Enterprise Reporting, which introduces much-needed operational analysis to dealers managing multiple departments and multiple rooftops.

"What we've built is a tool that tells dealers everything they need to know about a customer before they even walk into the dealership — what vehicles they're interested in, what devices they use, what their preferences are," said James Maynard, vice president of product at VinSolutions. "And by integrating it with, which the industry has acknowledged as the best dealership website platform, we're essentially giving dealers the best of both worlds: the experience and the visibility."