FLD announced that OnceOVR Pro now has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability, enabling it to scan VIN barcodes and recognize the VIN after taking a picture from a smartphone or tablet.

OnceOVR Pro includes multiple inspection templates that give users the ability to select critical data points in the field – nationwide − from an index containing more than 3,000 configurations of engines, transmissions and gear reductions.

These added features assist fleet managers, strategic sourcing and procurement professionals nationwide by allowing them to instantly capture data in the field, giving more accurate, legible and timely information about an asset’s real-time condition for complete fleet visibility.

OnceOVR Pro runs independently and places no demand on a fleet manager’s existing IT structure or personnel resources. The app also eliminates the need for third-party inspection services, thereby reducing driver downtime and associated costs while streamlining efficiencies.

Data captured via OnceOVR Pro is immediately uploaded onto either FLD’s secure WebAccess fleet remarketing system or Fleet Guru, FLD’s secure vehicle management platform.

In addition to inventory management and fleet audit functionality, OnceOVR Pro allows users to:

  • Receive fair-market-value assessments on their vehicles at any point in time.
  • Determine if vehicles should be redeployed.
  • Monitor how well drivers are maintaining their vehicles.
  • Obtain instant pre- and post-trip inspection reports when transporting vehicles.
  • Track the marketing and branding of vehicles, thus ensuring consistency across the fleet.

“The OnceOVR Pro update makes the real-time field electronic condition reporting process even easier and helps users save even more time,” said Gary Mott, president of FLD, Inc. “They can simply scan the VIN or snap a photo; the app translates that information and enters it into the vehicle’s condition report in the same step.”

The OnceOVR Pro iPhone- and Android-compatible app is available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon for free download.