Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. (IAA), a live and live-online salvage auto auction company, announced the launch of a newly improved buyer registration platform. With the new mobile-friendly display, buyers from around the world can take part in an auction within 24 hours of registering and can complete the process online, without being required to fax or email documents. 

"It's quite simple, we want to be top-of-mind, easy to do business with, and provide a great experience to our buyers around the globe," noted John Kett, CEO and president, IAA. "Regardless of the technology or service we are building, the end-user is at the core of our development strategy.  Today, our new buyer registration platform is streamlined, and the user interface has been completely overhauled to make registering with IAA easy, flexible and mobile friendly.  In fact, we've nearly doubled our registrations year over year since launching the new registration platform on September 1, 2015."

The platform's advances in efficiencies include instant upload for IDs and business licenses via scanned documents or digital images. As with all other IAA apps, the online process is built for mobility and compatible across all devices – computers, smartphones and tablets alike.

IAA's Buyer Services provides assistance to buyers in English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Polish and Chinese. They also assist with registration, bidding, payment (accept wire transfers and process payments), vehicle pick up and more. They also help answer questions about buyer rules, auction policies and all web and mobile application issues

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