The launch of Vcommerce at Used Car Week introduced auctions to supplemental support and marketing services geared toward a virtual expansion. Through a Vcommerce Membership, auctions could benefit through a "shared services" approach that would allow them to reduce costs while increasing online attendance, participation, and sales. The company has structured a program to address what they have identified as the most common weaknesses in the online infrastructure.

To ensure that online customers are receiving the best possible experience, Vcommerce has introduced a new Clerk Training Simulator that is expected to be released in January 2016. The simulator mimics a real-time auction experience, and conditions the clerk to engage customers as well as provide accurate information. Individuals who complete all four levels of the course will receive Clerk Certification. The company expects the simulator to increase the standard of online performance, and generate a higher level of participation.

“Vcommerce is the product of six years of researching and training online auctions,” explains co-founder, Kelly Bianchi. “The Online Auto Auction Industry lacks the standard criteria (as dictated by the Internet) for developing buyer confidence.” In June of 2015, Bianchi left her position with an online auction technology company to pursue her belief that the industry required a dedicated focus in order to expand into its true potential.

Recently out of the gate, Vcommerce auction members include Greensboro, Columbus Fair, Dealer’s Auto Auction of the Southwest, Connecticut’s Central Auto Auction, All Valley Dealer Auto Auction, Midland Odessa, Indianapolis Car Exchange, and the list keeps growing. The company has targeted auctions that have previously demonstrated an interest in expanding their online efforts, or who have struggled with technology.

“For some auctions, technology presents more issues than it resolves, causing auctions to allocate resources towards troubleshooting, and responding to angry customers. We are the bridge to technology,” said Bianchi.

To further enhance the Vcommerce Membership advantage, auctions are provided with Internet marketing and sales representation focused on an operationally sound online wholesale vehicle network. Vcommerce intends to present this online portfolio to consignors as well as National Buyers. As a result, the company expects to have a direct impact on the increase in online activity for 2016.