For those outside South Louisiana, you may not have heard the word "lagniappe" before now. It is a Cajun French word Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction uses to describe what they offer their customers every day. It encompasses many different aspects of what you can expect at this fast growing auction on the Gulf Coast.

Whether it takes the form of complimentary breakfast and lunch every sale day, free snow cones for their dealers during the hot Summer months, charitable efforts spearheaded by the auction, and wholeheartedly supported by the dealers, the constant expansion and improvements they make to the facility, and their outstanding customer service, you can see for yourself that Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction embodies the essence of lagniappe. Their special event sales such as Mardi Gras, Anniversary, Summer Lagniappe (yes, they even named one of their events with this term), and the holiday John Dough event feature exceptional consignment from their growing family of fleet/lease, dealer, and wholesale accounts and include enticing prizes worth thousands of dollars to continue the lagniappe theme.

On August 25, they will kick off football season with a Tailgate Event featuring 1,000 vehicles, more than $10,000 in tailgate related prizes, and a special guest appearance by Hall of Fame Quarterback Jim Kelly. He will be signing autographs and raising money for his charity, Hunter’s Hope. This will also mark the end of the Summer-long “Go Long with ARI” promotion to reward buyers of ARI vehicles with John Dough and a chance to win a pair of New Orleans Saints, LSU Tigers, or SLU Lions football tickets. Plus the top five Go Long with ARI buyers will receive a football signed by Jim Kelly. Now that is lagniappe!

Owner and managing partner John Poteet explains the concept this way, “In its most basic form lagniappe is the superior service we provide our customers. By definition, the word Lagniappe means a little something ‘extra’ that is not expected or demanded. It is a uniquely Louisiana tradition and one we have practiced here at Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction since we opened our doors 13+ years ago.”

General Manager, Don Sistrunk, once a car dealer himself, says “our customers come first and foremost in every decision we make, every sale day promotion we have, and every expansion project we complete. Our goal is to always provide our family of dealers with our signature lagniappe, that something extra they get only at our auction from our team of professionals. Whether that is getting the right car for the right price for our buyers, clearing inventory and making that process easier for our sellers, or improving the overall auction experience for all, Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction makes lagniappe real.”

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