Carmel, Ind.-based KAR Auction Services, Inc., a provider of used-vehicle auction services, announced the promotion of Michael Newman to chief innovation officer of AuctionTrac, a business unit of KAR that utilizes satellite-based GPS technology for advanced vehicle tracking.

Newman’s responsibilities as chief innovation officer include leading the company’s development and implementation of new technology initiatives and enhancement of current offerings, including mobile apps, and building and driving a culture of innovation within the company. He will also continue to create innovative tools for employees to facilitate their day-to-day tasks, streamline their processes and create efficiencies. Newman is skilled at developing programs that mutually benefit both employees and the customers they serve.

“Since joining the KAR group of companies during the 2011 acquisition of AuctionTrac, Michael has played a crucial role in enhancing our technology offerings. Through the groundbreaking AuctionTrac Dealer App, which Michael was instrumental to developing, we have greatly streamlined operations and enhanced the way our customers do business,” said David Vignes, KAR executive vice president of enterprise optimization.

“In this elevated role, we are confident he will continue to drive the company forward.”

Prior to this promotion, Newman was co-founder and senior vice president of AuctionTrac. AuctionTrac was initially an employee tool for easily and accurately identifying the location of a specific vehicle on an auction lot within seconds. Under Newman’s guidance, the software has been integrated and expanded into the AuctionTrac Dealer App, which is now part of the ADESA Marketplace App. This app allows car dealers to pinpoint the location of specific cars on the auction lot, browse vehicle run lists, receive market value information from top guides, access detailed condition reports with photos, create personalized vehicle lists and view up to 20 percent more cars on sale day. The app can help car dealers cut their pre-sale prep time in half.