Source: Black Book

Source: Black Book

The team of Black Book editors are seeing more signs that the summer slowdown is taking shape. All car segments saw a decreasing change in values this past week, and comments straight from the lanes showed dealer inventories are at levels that make for a more discriminating buyer at auction.

“As expected, values in car segments continued their downward trend. Pickups and full-size vans are in demand and held their values well,” said Anil Goyal, Vice President of Automotive Valuation and Analytics.

Overall, the volume-weighted car values decreased by 0.40 percent last week. The volume-weighted truck values decreased by 0.10 percent last week. Additionally, all car segments dropped in value.

The highest percentage declines were in Compact Car (-0.83 percent), and in Luxury-Level Car (-0.67 percent) segments. Pickups held values quite well, with the Compact Pickup segment increasing by 0.49 percent. The newer “European-style” vans appear to be gaining ground in retail. Meanwhile, standard boxy style vans continue to show increases in wholesale values before the supply starts to build up from the newer models, according to Black Book.