Bobby Ehlert of Phoenix was crowned the world champion auto auctioneer at the 2015 World Auto Auctioneers Championship, held April 17 at Manheim Nevada in Las Vegas.

Ehlert held off runner-up Michael J. Chambers of Atkinson, N.H., and TJ Freije of Clayton, Ind., for the title in the final round.

"The competition was as close as it's ever been in the 27 years of the championship," WAAC president Paul C. Behr said.

Sean Allen of Morrison, Colo., earned the ringman trophy over Kris Mooney of Newberg, Ore., and Cody Long of Austin, Tex.

Allen also claimed part of another championship, joining fellow Coloradoan Scott Goodhue to win the team competition. Two Alabama teams – Blake McDaniel and Dustin Taylor, and Jeff Bynum and Ben Gunter – took second and third.

The 2016 WAAC will be held at Manheim Pennsylvania, the world's largest auto auction.

Originally posted on Work Truck Online