ADESA, a business unit of KAR Auction Services, announced its popular Marketplace mobile app is now available for Android users. The iOS version has been out since September 2014 and has become, along with the company’s LiveBlock mobile app, a go-to tool for dealers.

Registered auto dealers can use this tool to find, research, price and purchase inventory located both online and at the auction—anywhere they can use their phones. It gives dealers even more options when it comes to finding the right vehicles, because it allows users to search all ADESA inventory, at all locations.

At auction, the Marketplace mobile app saves dealers time. Using the GPS function, dealers can quickly determine a vehicle’s location on the auction lot. Then, using their mobile device’s camera, dealers can scan the VIN to link directly to vehicle condition and history reports.

“We prioritized the release of the Marketplace mobile app for our dealers who use Android devices, because we’ve seen what a great advantage the app’s functionality gives to dealers, on and off the auction lot,” said Stéphane St-Hilaire, president and CEO of ADESA. “Marketplace is the latest product we’ve developed to give our customers 24/7 access to data and help them make better buying decisions.”

On their iOS or Android devices, dealers can use Marketplace to search across all ADESA inventory offerings. They can zoom in to see details of photos of vehicles and link to vehicle history and condition reports. The Marketplace app also allows dealers to research vehicle pricing with ADESA’s Market Guide, and track vehicles of interest. Once a buying decision has been made, dealers can bid and buy vehicles directly from their devices—anywhere, anytime.

The Marketplace mobile app works in tandem with the LiveBlock mobile app, released in 2014, to connect customers with all ADESA auction locations.

“We’ve seen some noteworthy growth in the use of the LiveBlock mobile app since we’ve released the Marketplace mobile app, indicating that our customers are indeed using these tools,” said St-Hilaire. “This is just another example of our focus on technology investments that meet customer needs.”

Both apps are free to download from The LiveBlock mobile app will be available for Android users later this year.

For additional information about ADESA Marketplace mobile app, contact ADESA Customer Connection at (888) 526-7326.