Patty Stanley, president of ServNet, looks back on 2014, reporting a strong year and the addition of two new locations this year. 2014 has been a strong year for the ServNet auction group, which continues a healthy and sustained growth.



"We were delighted to welcome two new locations this year: DAA Seattle by the McConkey group, and Winchester Auto Auction by the Angelicchio family," Stanley said. "In addition, we applaud the ongoing expansions and improvements being made at other auction locations: additional offi1.ce space and check-in facility at Missouri Auto Auction; new shops, new lanes and an added sale day at Sparkling City Auto Auction of San Antonio; eco-friendly processes added at DAA of the Southwest and State Line Auto Auction; an extensive renovation to the offices at Carolina Auto Auction and the addition of an internet café; more office space and additional parking at Flint Auto Auction; expanded lot space at Brasher's Salt Lake Auto Auction; even a new railhead at State Line Auto Auction."

In 2014, many new accounts added to the increasing consignment numbers in the lanes, and a growing numbers of bidders arrived every week to buy at ServNet auctions across the country, setting the stage for what we expect will be an even stronger year in 2015, according to Stanley's report.  

"ServNet continues to be a major player in the remarketing world, and in 2014 took the lead in a number of activities and initiatives that will add to the health and vitality of auction industry for many years to come," she said. "We were happy to bring back the tradition of an open Hospitality Event at this year's NAAA Convention in Boston, which allowed us a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues in a social setting, and show that, above all, we are a great, united industry."

Also at the convention, ServNet joined with other independent auctions to lead the way in raising more than $500,000 to benefit the NAAA Warren Young, Sr. Scholastic Foundation. The charity event's entry fees, sales revenue from the pedal car auction (including the $102,000 highest-priced pedal car sold to ServNet's very own Barber family), award sponsorships and additional contributions raised a total of $576,300 for the Association's Scholarship program, more than ten times the original fundraising goal and resulting in a $1,000 increase in each of the dozen financial scholarships awarded by the Foundation.