Cam Hitchcock, CEO of American Auto Auction Group (AAAG), announced the rebranding of AAAG at the opening ceremonies of Used Car Week’s National Remarketing Conference.  

“We are excited to officially launch the XLerate Group brand today. Our team believes that the new brand, which incorporates the attributes of speed and size, will directly benefit our customers throughout the United States. The auction market is evolving quickly and XLerate, as a leading independent, will be at the forefront of this dynamic industry.”

Established in 2010 under the AAAG name, XLerate Group is comprised of the following independent auto auctions: 

  • AIM Auctions in Motion in California
  • Badger State Auto Auction in Wisconsin
  • Charleston Auto Auction in South Carolina
  • Mid-South Auction in Mississippi
  • Texas Lone Star Auto Auction in Texas
  • Your Auction in Florida

“Our collective management team is stronger and more committed than ever,” said Darris McClure, president and COO of the newly-renamed corporation. “This rebranding is not just about a change in name, it is about establishing the operating philosophy of our company. This new energy we are generating comes from our most important resource: our employees.”

McClure continued, “A lot of thought went into the changes we are making.  Within our new name is the heart and strength of our new corporate brand and strategy:  accelerating our own excellence.  In becoming the XLerate Group, we will remain true to our core values and set our sights on the future.”

According to Cam Hitchcock, XLerate’s  strategic mission is twofold:  “To continue to grow our business with existing and new customers; and, to add quality independent sales to our auction family.” 

Hitchcock goes on to say, “The auction industry is changing rapidly.  XLerate believes that scale and depth of resources is increasingly important in our industry.”