As consumers increasingly rely on mobile applications to transact business, so do nearly 50 percent of wholesale dealers, according to Manheim. During the past year, Manheim’s dealer customers used their  mobile devices not only to find and buy inventory, but also to track and monitor the entire post-purchase  process. To date, dealers have listed more than 50,000 vehicles using the company’s mobile listing tool and received more than 100,000 vehicle notifications via their mobile devices.

“When we first launched our mobile application, adoption by dealers was slow,” said Rumon Lasker, Manheim’s director of product management. “What we are finding now is that nearly 50 percent of dealers are accessing our mobile applications at a much faster pace. We believe this is due to the all-in-one mobile experience that only Manheim offers.”

Unlike other mobile applications, Manheim’s all-in-one experience gives dealers fast and easy access to find, buy, sell and manage all their vehicle transactions:

  • Find vehicles using PowerSearch.
  • Buy vehicles using Simulcast.
  • Sell vehicles via the myMobileListing tool.
  • Manage the entire process using myPurchases.

“I use the Manheim app daily, it is absolutely the best tool for my business,” said Brian Harmon, dealer principal at RV and Boat Liquidators, Inc. “I continuously run my trades on the mobile app and search run lists all over the U.S. looking for specialty items on I’ve been in the wholesale, retail car and motorhome business for 27 years and it’s the best tool of my trade.”

In addition, using an iPad, iPhone or Android device, dealers can tap into the Manheim app to research MMR values and purchase vehicles that are listed on or sold through Simulcast. After their purchase, they can use the app to finance vehicles and order transportation.  Sellers can also list vehicles in the Manheim marketplace and disclose vehicle condition information using the Manheim app.

“Whether it’s creating a seller disclosure, listing a vehicle, conducting searches or managing auction check-out, dealers tell us that our digital tools are easy to use and save them time,” Lasker said.