PHOTO: Xcira

PHOTO: Xcira

Xcira has release a mobile App for the iPhone called AuctionEar, which adds instantaneous audio and video to the company’s mobile bidding platform. Available from the Apple iTunes store, the app brings the enthusiasm and excitement of the auction to life with an enhanced audio and video interface.

AuctionEar works in conjunction with Xcira’s original mobile bidding technology which has been in production since 2010, reports Nancy Rabenold, CEO of Xcira.

After the AuctionEar App has been downloaded to the iPhone, auction attendees access the online bidding platform for auction sites using OnLine Ringman technology. The system automatically detects that the iPhone is enabled with AuctionEar and directs the user to a mobile interface that is audio/video enabled.   

AuctionEar includes separate audio and video controls, giving the user the ability to watch or listen to the auction, or both, enabling the user to conserve and manage his/her data plan. Other features include access to “on the block” vehicle information, the option to view vehicle run lists, and the user’s ability to switch smoothly and easily between auction lanes. The app supports 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi.

Rabenold reports that Auction Ear is currently in development for the Android platform and will be available for Android smart phones soon.