Ready Auto Transport, in collaboration with Manheim, has launched a new electronic gate pass process nationwide at all Manheim locations to improve vehicle delivery time for buyers at the auction.

Ready Auto Transport now electronically delivers eGate Passes for all customer vehicles directly to its 6,500-member qualified carrier network making the pickup of vehicles from the auction faster and more efficient. 


“We are pleased to help our carriers alleviate some of the obstacles they may have at the auction such as arriving after hours when a gate pass is not available,” said John Blobner, vice president and general manager for Ready Auto Transport. “When Manheim buyers choose Ready Auto Transport for transportation, we verify the vehicle is ready and issue the eGate Pass directly to the carrier, eliminating dry runs because they’ll know the vehicle is ready and can avoid the wait.  The new process provides a better experience between Manheim buyers, Ready Auto Transport, and our carriers.”

Before launching nationwide, Ready Auto Transport and Manheim successfully released more than 3,000 vehicles during a pilot without a single issue at the Manheim Ohio, Manheim Detroit, Manheim Pittsburgh, and Manheim Statesville locations. 

With the new process, Ready Auto Transport attaches the eGate Pass to the carrier’s Transport Order in 1Dispatch, Ready Auto Transport’s platform that carriers use to dispatch vehicles and manage assigned loads. Only carriers assigned to vehicles have access to print the pass.  This enhancement provides an added level of security to the auction and buyer that wasn’t available before. For more information on the eGate Pass, visit

Check out the video below for more information: