As part of its continuing focus on developing talent and improving its customer experience, Manheim has promoted six leaders to general manager at seven operating locations in five states.

The promotions to general manager include: Bo Beason (Manheim Mississippi), Donny Cohen (Manheim Daytona Beach and Manheim Jacksonville), Doug Kramer (Manheim Central Florida), Eddie Pope (Manheim Houston), Carter Theissen (Manheim Minneapolis) and Kim Waterman (Manheim Central California). They have all assumed their new roles.

“A key part of motivating talent and providing solid customer experience is to have the right leaders in place,” said Mike McKinney, RVP, East Region Operations. “We are happy to promote these talented individuals, who have long tenures with our company. This group of dynamic leaders will help our company grow and provide solutions for our customers.” 

“It truly is Manheim’s goal to put the right leaders in place to help us drive business growth and expand our customer base,” said Rock Anderson, RVP, West Region Operations. “Our customers will benefit from the leadership of this experienced group. They all possess extensive industry knowledge and insights that will surely help our customers attain results.”

A veteran of more than 15 years with Manheim, Beason joined Manheim Mississippi as assistant general manager in 2011.

Beason joined Manheim in 1998 as check in-CR manager at Manheim Nashville. Beason has also served as recon manager/fleet and lease and factory manager at Manheim Detroit, and assistant general manager at both the Manheim Lauderdale-Miami and Manheim Texas Hobby operating locations. 

Cohen was named auction manager at Manheim Daytona Beach and Manheim Jacksonville in December 2013.  

Cohen has more than 21 years of automotive wholesale experience, including seven with Manheim.  He was named assistant general manager at Manheim St. Pete in early 2012. Prior to that role, Cohen worked at Manheim Fort Myers. 

Kramer was named auction manager Manheim Central Florida in Orlando in January 2013.

A veteran of 19 years with Manheim, Kramer served as Manheim’s Florida Market recon manager for two years prior to joining Central Florida. The Florida Market includes 11 operating locations in the state of Florida and one in Puerto Rico. 

Pope was named auction manager at Manheim Houston in November 2013.

A veteran of 25 years in the auto auction industry, Pope has topped 22 years with Manheim. Pope served as assistant general manager at Manheim Dallas for three years before joining Manheim Houston. He began his auction career in the reconditioning shop at Dallas Auto Auction.

Since November 2010, Theissen has served as auction manager at Manheim Minneapolis and Manheim Northstar Minnesota.

A veteran of 16 years with Manheim, Theissen joined Manheim Minneapolis as marketing manager in 1999. He served as an assistant general manager with Manheim Minneapolis from 2003-10. Prior to joining Manheim, Theissen served as director of marketing for First Protection Corporation. 

Waterman was named auction manager at Manheim Central California, located in Fresno, Calif., in December 2012.

Prior to joining Manheim Central California, Waterman served as area marketing manager for Manheim’s North Central, Pacific and Southern California markets.