Photo of Dodge Sprinter 2500 (2008-09) via Wikimedia.

Photo of Dodge Sprinter 2500 (2008-09) via Wikimedia.

Full-size passenger vans lost the least value in the commercial vehicle resale market in February, a month that typically shows strong vehicle retention, according to Black Book.

The full-size van category that includes the Dodge 2500 Sprinter, Ford E-150, and GMC Savana lost only 0.2 percent of its value in month where 2008-2012 model-year vehicles sold at auction lost 1.1 percent of their value. In January, vehicles lost 1.9 percent, according to Black Book.

Full-size passenger vans finished the month with an average wholesale value of $12,841. A year ago, vehicles in the category sold for $14,711.

Full-size cars led all car segments in February with a $12,841 average wholesale value, falling 0.4 percent in depreciation for the month. This category includes the Toyota Avalon, Buick Lucerne, Nissan Maxima, Ford Taurus, and Chrysler 300.

For the second consecutive month, cargo minivans recorded the sharpest decline in value. The segment that includes the Dodge Caravan and Chevrolet Uplander fell 3.4 percent for an average wholesale value of $9,068.

February's strong retention may have been a result of early tax refunds, said Ricky Beggs, Black Book's editorial director.

"We're beginning to feel the first true effects of the springtime tax buying season through the stronger monthly retention levels in February compared with January," Beggs said. "We will keep a watchful eye on the continued winter weather patterns, growing supply and off-lease activity, all of which could have near-term effects on the spring buying season."

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet